about Wiesbaden

Henkell’s wine cellar and production facility are located in the town of Wiesbaden in Southwestern Germany. The city, often called the “Gateway to the Rheingau”, sits on the northern bank of the Rhine River. The Rheingau is one of Germany’s 13 officially recognized regions for quality wine production (QbA) and extends along the banks of the Rhine River. Although it produces only a small percentage of Germany’s total fine wine output, the Rheingau is known for exceptional quality in production.


Wiesbaden, Germany

In 1832, Adam Henkell founded a wine merchant company. Soon after, he moved to France to establish himself as a wine expert. Henkell was one of the first in Germany to master the technique for producing sparkling wines and recognized the quality potential for a German sparkling wine. By 1856, Adam Henkell returned to his native Germany and set his sights on producing sparkling wine on German soil. Twenty five years after creating his wine merchant’s business, Henkell had a sparkling wine facility built. He chose the renowned town of Wiesbaden. This region is famous for innovative wine production and high quality white wine. Now over 155 years later, Henkell has become synonymous with German sparkling wine, Sekt.

The tradition of excellence established by Adam Henkell in 1856 lives on today.