About Piedmont

Piedmont is one of Italy’s most acclaimed wine-producing regions. The landlocked province lies in the northwest corner of Italy in the foothills of the Alps sharing its northern border with France and Switzerland. Piedmont, with 45 different DOC and 12 DOCG areas, is known for quality wine production. Most notably for producing two of Italy’s noble red wines, Barolo and Barbaresco, both from the Nebbiolo grape, as well as the white wine Moscato d’Asti. Other grape varietals common to the region include Barbera, Dolcetto, and Malvasia.


Treiso, Piedmont, Italy
Established 1972

Founded in 1972 by Mario Barbero, Pertinace is named after the Roman Emperor Publio Elvio Pertinace who was born in the hillside sides of Barbaresco. The Winery, a cooperative, was formed by twelve farmers who over the years had become good friends. Among them they owned some of the choicest vineyard land in the region and supplied grapes to some of Italy’s top winemakers. Over time, they developed a shared passion for producing the best wines from their own vineyards, which led to the decision to create a winery of their own. Thus Pertinace was born.

It was with this passion and dedication that the cooperative members jointly invested in the development of their vinification plant, bottling line and aging facilities. This unrelenting pursuit to create premier wines is the combination of the vast experience of Pertinace’s farmers and attention to detail from the vine to bottling. Today, the Cantina Pertinace Cooperative has 15 members and 70 hectares of vineyards. Although the production remains small to ensure it meets the cooperatives high standards, the wine is now sold in over 13 countries.


Pertinace’s 15 growers have 70 hectares of vineyards under cultivation, producing approximately 4,000 hectolitres of wine annually. Most of the group’s vineyards are located near the village of Treiso, one of the main communes in the Barbaresco D.O.C. zone. Treiso is known for its high slopes with soil that is primarily calcareous marl. Pertinace has 3 Vineyard Crus: Marcarini, Nervo and Castellizzano.