Castello di Monsanto

Vin Santo La Chimera I.G.T.

Crafted with estate grown grapes, ‘La Chimera’ is an exceptionally long-lived ‘mediation’ wine, displaying a rich intensity of ripe citrus and tropical fruit mingled with a touch of sweet almond.  Distinctively lush with outstanding balance and length.

REGION: Tuscany, Italy

APPELLATION: Vinsanto Toscana I.G.T.

PRODUCTION AREA: Loc. Monsanto – Barberino Val d’Elsa estate vineyards

GRAPES :  50% Trebbiano, 50% Malvasia

VINIFICATION: Select grapes are dried on grates until early March when the must is placed in caratelli (small barrels) of 55 and 110 liters.

AGING: 12 years in 50 and 110-liter oak caratelli with an additional eight months of rest in bottle.

COLOR: Golden amber

AROMA: Rich, intense aromas of ripe citrus, tropical fruit, vanilla and sweet almond.

PALATE: Lush flavors of citrus, fig and hazelnut with outstanding balance and length.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Ideal with patés, matured soft cheeses and biscotti