Schloss Johannisberg

Riesling Gelblack Qualitätswein Feinherb

Composed of hand-harvested grapes from the single Schloss Johannisberg vineyard, a highly aromatic Riesling with distinctive notes of white flowers, citrus and pear.  Complex, exceptionally balanced and refined.

REGION: Rheingau, Germany

APPELLATION: Rheingau – Single vineyard Schloss Johannisberg

VARIETY: 100% Riesling

VINIFICATIONThe grapes are hand harvested and softly crushed.   The must ferments in temperature controlled stainless   steel tanks, a small quantity (10%) in wooden barrels.

AGING: After fermentation, the wine settles on the lees for five   months.

COLOR: Brilliant pale lemon yellow

AROMA: The nose is young with white flowers, grinded lemon pale and pears.

PALATE: Firm and fresh on the palate, well balanced with crisp acidity.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Enjoy with salads, roasted chicken.